Weddings & Events

The perfect setting for all of your most important occasions.

Whether it be a short morning meeting, an all-day workshop, an anniversary, wedding, shower and more, we have the facilities, the professional staff and best of food and beverages to make your event a memorable affair.

Emma Bauso Photography.
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Bellevue Ballroom

This stunning venue displays stately fireplaces at each end reveal the craftsmanship of the master brick mason. Classic furnishings welcome you in a cozy embrace. Large antique brass and stained-glass chandeliers reflect the elegance of our founder's era. Meanwhile, a hardwood dance floor welcomes. Warm, rich, music-friendly acoustics inspire musicians and dancing couples alike. And soaring oaken ceiling trusses would seem at home in an English manor house. No wonder this room is one of the region's most celebratory environments. When you visit, imagine you're attending a wedding reception for someone you love. 

Conference Room & Donald Ross Room

These two beautifully intimate venues round out our complete offering of party and meeting facilities.

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